About Me

My name is Nathan, but I have gone by my screen name NotNate for over three years now. I’m a high schooler going into my senior year. Since a young age, I had always been very interested in just listening to music as I’m sure most people have. Music, and the discussion of music, has been my passion for a few years now. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down and talking about an album I enjoy, or even dislike so there can be debate on it.

I hope to just have this be a small blog where I can just post my opinions on albums, songs, compilations, etc. I have no expectations for this to even reach two or three viewers, it’s simply a place I can express myself.


I don’t have much equipment but I sure will tell you what I do have. I own the Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speakers for my room, some Sennheiser HD 598 SR headphones, and Audio-Technica ATLP5 record player. I primarily listen to FLAC music on my laptop using MusicBee to sort it all, but if I own the record I’ll listen to it on my record player instead.